Can some body advise on how to fix-glue or whatever on a LP Head at the joint between the neck & Head. When pressure is applied you can see the fracture /Crack.
I have access to Titebond Original glue but I need step by step instructions because I really dont want to mess up.So any repair guru's want to help salvage my only friend then feel to weave your magic. I will do whatever it takes to fix this head so your advice will not be taken lightly.

Please see images

To them that help..many thanks

I think taking it to a pro would be the smartest idea, it will cost more but at least it will be a professional and sturdy job.
how wide is the crack? you have to get the glue down into the crack as far as it will go and it's hard to say what the best way to do that is unless we know how wide it is. after you get the glue into the crack, just clamp it as tight as you can get it and wipe the excess glue off.
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just flex it slightly so the crack opens up. put titebond in it... PUSH it in with your thumb while the joint is still flexed. the suction from your thumb will push the glue far into the crack. you shouldnt need to clamp it, but if you can find a way to clamp it, then do it. whipe off all the excess glue, call it a day. easy
IF it's a genuine Gibson, I'd splurge and go to a Pro for this type of thing so the guitar's value isn't hurt too much.
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i am a "professional certified luthier" and thats what we did in the shop i worked at, dont really even NEED to clamp it, but if its possible, you might as well. usually the wood bending back is clamping enough.
LP Addict, my statement about getting a pro wasn't about questioning your ability or your advice but about your recommendation that cistec do the work himself. As a professional, I'd expect you would do a cleaner job of this than someone who's never done it before and as you know once the glues been applied, there's no going back.
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WOW Guys ...you are just so helpful..I better let you know its a Tom Delonge 04 Gibson 333 ES . The crack can't really be noticed till you start tighting the strings then it opens the crack. Is there a possibilty to get it repaired so it cant be noticed and how much resale value will i lose?

Question: If I pay for a luthier to do it will the finnish be as good as I would do, ie just put titebond in the crack and clean up and clamp. Or will the Luthier's finish be to a standard where the resale value will not be affected much?

please see images below.

Headrepair 1.jpg
Headrepair 2.jpg
you wouldn't have $30 lying around would you? if so, go get the Gutiar player repair guide
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Also I would like to know how I can get a Tom Delonge signature replacement decal for the back of the head stock should it get damaged while repairing it..I have the serial number and can get it verified via a Gibson dealer here in Australia to say its genuine.

do what LP said dude, that's how the pros fix them.
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Because the crack is not all the way through I can only open it a small way and can only push a little glue in about 50% and i know it will not go in all the way in and cover all the seperated wood.

Question: Is there a glue which is very Liqiud like water and is strong I can pour in so it can get in every crack and then i can clamp it ...Titebond looks like it can only be pushed so far in around the sides and stop leaving about 50% not glued.

Otherwise it looks like the head as to be snapped off to glue all the wood!..Boy that hurt to say!

I am hoping somebody out there can advise on glues to use

the glue WILL cover all of the wood if you do what i said. your thumb will push it WAY in there, trust me, ive had glue go all the way through a crack in a body, one side to another, in about 5 minutes. dont use water, it will ruin the glue joint. remember, flex it back and forth while you are pushing the glue in. flex it open, push in, close. flex, push in, close. it will cover all of it, trust me. use titebond original.
Ok LP Addict..you convinced me..looks like a 2 person one to flex (gently) and the other to push in the glue..

Question: How long do I have with Titebond Original to play with, as I am pushing in and do I keep wiping of excess glue with a damp (water) rag or as you say dont use water..what do I use to clean?

PS thanks LP Addict for your time and patience

dont use a damp rag. use a dry paper towell. yo udont have very long, but you dont really need to rush. it sets in about 3-5 minutes and gets kinda gross. plenty of time to fill the crack and wipe the glue away. you can use a very damp paper towel, but with titebond original, water will weaken the glue by alot. titebond II or III.... not the case, but original yes. like i said, IF you can clamp it to get maximum squeeze out, do it, if not, you should be fine. just dont go trying anything wild with clamps, they could easily **** your guitar up.

judging from the picture, it looks as though you could clamp it right on the flat part on the back of the neck to the fingerboard. use either a hand pump clamp with plastic feet, or use wooden shims to prevent damage from he clamp... C-clamps are the best, they put out the most pressure. also when you are clamping, it could help to put your finger over the joint, the glue will have nowhere to go but further into the crack (if it itsnt there already)
OK..LP Addict buddy...done it! now time will tell...I will give it a week to set and then put it through its paces. will let you know how it goes.

The line is faint and can be felt just ever so faintly ...Should I try to sand? and how much do you think it will affect its sale in the future?

On to another subject while I got you here, I am fed up of getting my set up done ( not to my standard) and waiting weeks and paying through the nose and getting little nicks on my guitars when they come back..very annoying.

All I need is a tutorial on how to set up (Action & inntonation) a Les paul ..I have replaced the tailpiece, saddles + studs ect..just a blank guitar ( pickups are fine) I have new ones sitting in my sweaty hands..I have been all over the net and can only find quick fixes or just intonation. I really need a step by step for both. I dont mind buying a DVD or Video to keep in my collection ..Any Idea Mr LP Addict? or anybody who is reading this reqest.

YOUTUBE have a few but not really a full on step by step just small videos on basic things. What I want is a full on walk through in the process so the guy can explain things more in depth and why it needs to be done that way or ways, is there any thing like that out there? If not how about some body doing one and I will be first in line to buy it.

OR do I need to post this on another Forum?...any ideas Guys

I just love Les Pauls Guitars.. If some body said to me in 20 years time your gonna fall in love with a chunk of wood..I would have said yeah sure!now get back in that straight jacket!

I just dont understand it ..I got a car worth $20k and if it got scratched I would feel bad but if my Les Paul got dented/scratched I would cry like a little baby..somebody tell me its not just me..please.

Thanks heaps for your time mate.

if you used titebond, it will tac as much as it will EVER tack in 30 minutes, but dont stress the joint for 24 hours. a week is way too long, it will be as good as it will be in 2000 years after 24 hours. trust me. it is a noob-thing to wait forever on these things, i thought it would take a week to reglue a fingerboard back onto a neck... nope

24 hours.

as far as set up stuff goes... not sure. i wouldnt spend money on anything to show you how to do it. where are you located? your shop woes remind me of the shop i used to work at. haha.
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24 hours...really..well there you go!

OK i will restring asap.

I am in Australia.. a 1 horse town.

what gear you got?

Thanks heaps mate.

get the guitar player's guide to repair or whatever... it's a dale erlewine book but DONT buy from stewmac... I got mine off amazon.com for 15 bucks cheaper. it comes with a video on how to set up your guitar and a bunch of tips.
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Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

I make guitars and pickups. I also make sh*t that'll blow you the f*k up as well as things that will rebuild you - I have the technology
^^^ +1^^^^
That would've been my advice! I have Dan Erlewine's Guitar Player Repair Guide - updated version" and think it's absolutely great for showing players how to care for their instruments. There's lots of things you can do for your guitar without taking any major risks but Dan also goes into some more involved proceedures too like nut making and fret dressing/refretting which I don't try myself.
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^ that stuff is easy man... just gotta take your time with it
Support your local luthier!

Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

I make guitars and pickups. I also make sh*t that'll blow you the f*k up as well as things that will rebuild you - I have the technology
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^ that stuff is easy man... just gotta take your time with it

Maybe if you've got the tools. I priced out a set of nut files and it was $125.00 for the basic set. Maybe someday I'll invest in some tools for it. Dan has a good instructional video on nut making too but that's an $40.00
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