To me this sounds like a John Lennon song, well, anyways, today i was just messing around with my guitar and came up with this, and then i decided to record it with my TonePort gx. How does it sound?
Put up a link to the song. John Lennon is my favorite Beatles. Amazing songwriter
I didnt hear much John lennon in that, but i have to say i really enjoyed listening.
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Well there's no singing, it just reminded me of his piano riffs in some of his slow songs.
i don't mean to be an asshole, but it sounds exactly like a church song we used to sing back when i wasn't an atheist...
take that as you will
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is that in DADGAD? cuz i noticed its hard to stray from church tunes with DADGAD. but its sounds really good to me, and a very good recording song also; it is definitely a christmas song though, but i love christmas songs so that works for me ha. crit mine? it is also an instrumental


Yes it is, i do go to church alot and i have a habit of hearing a song and then playing songs i hear without knowing it, but my church doesn't play songs like that, the ones they play are either really slow or fast and they're different. But thanks for the commet.