Some guy my friend knows posts on youtube all the time so we took one of his more compelling stories and turned it into a song, then later a video.

The time it took us to make the song (starting when we began the concept and finishing when i mixed down the song) was about 2 hours total. Including all the writing of lyrics and music. I wrote 90% of the music and my singer wrote 90% of the lyrics. There are only two of us so some instruments (violin, bells) had to be sampled, but the ong isnt meant to be serious.
Anywho, any input, criticism, bountiful praise, etc... will be appreciated. Thanks!

(leave a link and ill crit one of your songs (im just that nice))
i think the song is great, The drums come in at the perfect time, and the han solo picture during the solo cracked me up. Honestly the bells arent even necessary, but thats the only piece of work i can say about it. Great job!

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