I didn't know if any of you had any experience with Blackheart amps.

The one I was looking at was the BH15 -112 15W tube amp, and it kind of seems like $450 is a cheap-o price for a 15 watt tube amp, so I was wondering if they're cheap and sound like crap, or if the sound is fine and I could use pedals and such to accentuate the metal-ish sounds that I want (Iron Maiden, etc.)

Well Blackhearts do sounds really good. I liked the BH5 I tried. However for the metal tones you want, then no. Blackhearts are GREAT classic rock and blues amps for the price. But buying one for metal? No it's not a good idea I'm afraid.

If you can save up a bit a Bugera 6260 would be a good idea though!
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^ i agree. blackhearts are wonderful amps, but i wouldnt choose one for metal. i love my little giant (5w head) but it doesnt do much more than classic rock. i mean i can get some stuff heavier than that, but it will sound a bit fizzy and doesnt really have the voicing. however, Iron Maiden isnt really super high gain or anything, so the blackhearts may be worth a try. test it out first, cause it may not be what you want. and by may not be, i mean probably wont be.