I play bass. Yeah, I know, everyone's least favorite band member. "Get a guitar and make yourself useful," they say. Regardless, I'm bad at meeting people, and to narrow my encounters down to soley musicians is rough. I'm on a college campus and I party a lot, but I still feel like I know about a quarter of the people others know. Plus, anyone I've talked to about my hobbies (bass pretty much), the best I get is, "Oh I play bass, too."

Now, the best scenario would be to convince some of my already good friends into learning something. I have two buddies, one of which is a great guitarist and his brother a great drummer. Vocalists are impossible to find. The thing is, I rarely see those guys anymore (we go to different colleges in different states). Most debilitating, however, is that none of my friends are willing to be in a band. They act like it was a high school garage days ordeal and from now on must only be a do-it-yourself hobby. The ones who don't play say, "I tried once, but I sucked, so I don't care." Plus, now that everyone's in the later years of college, we're all focused on careers.

I just want to play in a band because there's no better feeling than that. It would be awesome to just cover songs and play small gigs at bars and other events, not even for any kind of money. But, like everything else in the world, it won't happen unless you know someone, and in my case, finding people to know is a bitch and a half. So what do you do?
spend time at local music shops.

Use social networking. Get a facebook, add every guy at your college, look at their hobbies/ interests sections.

if they play guitar, chat about it,

same with drums

Same with vocals

or become kt tunstall
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First of all, bass is better.
Second of all, find a band! Bass is in short supply these days.
ya, everyone is really looking for a bassist... i play guitar, but i never bash on my bassist, and have respect for and play the instrument. just find a band, bass is one of the most sought after positions
That sucks. My bassist quit yesterday and I need to think of a replacement. We're pretty much on the same boat.
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Well, put your name out there. Put up ads, send out bulletins on myspace and/or facebook, put up a section in the newspaper classifieds, etc. If you're not good at finding people, try to get people to come to you. An added bonus is that almost anyone who responds to an ad is going to be serious enough to at least show up for practice. Otherwise they wouldn't have cared enough to respond.