Hey I was looking to upgrade my amp for christmas possibly, I wanted a long lasting amp that I can gig with and everything. I want like a crushing metal tone like pantera or arch enemy but also an older rock tone like ratt or motley crue. I was looking at getting a halfstack possibly but my price range would probably $600-700 max because thats probably the max that my parents would spend on me for christmas.

Advice is appreciated as always.
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ive got a 100 watt randall
loud enough to gig with
comes with peddles to switch from gain to higher gain and to switch from metal sounds to clean sounds
full controll of bass and trebble sounds
pretty good buy ive had mine for about 6 or so months and still works perfect
Tube amps are within your reach...
These are the best for your cash

You do not need a halfstack. Most halfstacks under 1500 are garbage.

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