yea what do you mean easier?

you lost me
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Well I guess not really easier. But some way I could find the root notes of "a" for example easy on the fretboard
So basically the notes then? You just have to study them - you didn't learn the alphabet immediately, did you?]

The pattern of the notes along the low E is

E F F# G G# A Bb B C C# D Eb E

That pattern is constant across the whole neck, it just starts from different notes on different strings
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well i take the low end note

which here is the 0 on A string, then I just drop it down onto the E string where it becomes the 5th fret. so the root of an A on the E string is 5th fret - - if that's what you're talking about, if not...then sorry
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I think you have to look at the intervals between the notes. For example if in your chord the intervals from one note with the others is: minor 3rd ....... diminished 5th : then you know that that note is the root and that the chord is diminished.

EDIT: btw any note in a chord can be the root note.
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EDIT: btw any note in a chord can be the root note.

True, but so as to not confuse the TS, one note in the chord will make the most sense as the root note, i.e. one will form a major or minor triad (although in some cases diminished makes the most sense). It takes a little bit of knowledge of theory to figure it out

Also, remember the root note that makes sense is not necessarily the lowest note of the chord
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