http://www.abc15.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=cabc0fb5-70b8-4c79-97c5-956f1fcc5923 (note: I live in the two story house in the video, the house broken into was 2 houses further)

We've been having some problems since we moved here a year ago with home burgalaries and car thefts , that we ended up installing a security camera after my car was broken into twice, and my mom's work SUV was stolen. (She operates a cleaning buisness out of our house). The camera shows that the guy rides his bike by our house, turns back and ditches his bike on our front lawn, then it shows him walking by after being shot, leaving a large trail of blood.

I was at work, but my grandmother was in the house when it happened. She was extremely freaked out, and I can't help but being extremely uneasy. His daughter just took his bike out our rosebushes.
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damn thats horrible, stay safe dude

Edit: I hope they find the bastard(s)
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Holy hell. That is crazy.
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After I read "Click the play button on the video window to the right to see the story", I kept clicking the picture on the left for ten seconds trying to find the play button.

But seriously, that's horrible.
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damn were do you live south seattle?
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damn were do you live south seattle?

it obviously says arizona under his avatar. Plus, Seattle is a pretty nice city overall
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it obviously says arizona under his avatar. Plus, Seattle is a pretty nice city overall

Glad to see ya back, how was FOTB?
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PLS PLS PLS cum and live in South Africa...we hav a game here we play everyday called "see how long u can go without getting robbed"...its fun
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two old people a couple streets over from my house got shot (and killed), in their own house, and I think it even happened during the daytime.

EDIT: hey twofly, next time someone tries to rob you, use the crushing overdrive from the MG to scare them off. If they still wont leave, turn on the MT-2 as well, that'd make even the most hardened criminal run away.
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You should come live by me, this kind of thing happens all the time here. Last year somebody got shot and killed just outside my house. And before that somebody else got stabbed a little further up the road. When I was at school somebody got stabbed in the neck next to the school gates.

For anyone that lives in Birmingham, I live in Newtown......it's a ****hole, NEVER move here!