Okay, well basically my situation is as thus. I purchased a POG a few months ago and within a week or two the pedal starts having the weirdest problems. After playing using the pedal for a few minutes one day at a band practice, I turn the pedal off and unstrap to take a short break before a long practice. When I get back to my rig, I notice that the status light is on. I think to myself that I must have just not turned it off, so I go to switch it off.


The pedal's status light will not turn off no matter how many times I click the switch. At this point I plug up my bass, and no sound is coming out of the pedal, not even a through signal. I unplug everything from the pedal and plug it back in with no avail. So I took the pedal out of my chain and moved on with practice.

The next day at practice, I notice that the pedal is back in the "off" setting. All day this day the pedal works fine, so I start to think maybe it's a fluke or something. All is well for a few days and then I take the pedal to my house and after a short time playing with it, the pedal locks again. This time for days.

This marks the first time I attempt repairs. I have a friend who builds pedals commercially and has does repairs for basically every musical instrument store within 100 miles. He works on it, and seems to think it was just a bad power supply connection, solders a few connections a little better, and the pedal works fine for a few more days. Then it locks up again. He tries again to fix it and once again it is operational for a day or two and then goes back into the same problem of the status light being on but the pedal not producing an effected or through signal.

Since our attempts to repair the pedal, we have sent the pedal to Electro-Harmonix twice. Both times it has come back and been in the SAME CONDITION that we sent it off in. They are telling us that nothing is wrong with the pedal. I figure that when they are getting the pedal it's operating fine, but then by the time we get it back from them (them having played it extensively for a few days) it's messing up again. So basically, Electro-Harmonix will not keep the pedal for more than 1 or 2 days without sending it back, even though we have told them many times that the problem is intermittent and only occurs every now and then.

As of now, I have spoken to a different guy at EH and he has assured me he will keep the pedal for a few days to see if it will mess up for him. This doesn't give my soul any rest. Have any of you had a problem similar to this? Or heard of it? Is there something we are overlooking that is ridiculous and simple?

Checklist :
We are using the correct power adapter.
We are connecting everything properly.
We have soldered all of the connections that had been soldered originally, nothing is loose.
The only thing we can't explain is that the transistors are getting incredibly hot, could this be the culprit?

I am at my wits end...Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
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