I thought it was pretty good, kind of bland and muddy. Every riff is real heavy, and the tempo changes and all make it seem very deathcorey. You do seem to have a few timing issues (Mainly dealing with triplets used in the wrong way). In the main riff that you have at the beginning and the end try making those notes dotted instead of triplets, right now it has a feel that I don't think you were going for. The bass and drums were average, well actually the drums were pretty good. I would imagine with a good heavy vocalist (Think The Red Chord) I would definitely listen to this song if it were recorded, seems like it would be a good catchy heavy song.

Also, if you wanna C4C then check out one of the songs in my sig (Preferably Nonfluence or Garret)
I liked this, very heavy, but I definetley noticed the timing issue that the guy above mentioned. Other than that though, it flowed very nicely, and it was very heavy and reminded me a lot of As Blood Runs Black, Whitechapel etc. I would say to make the breakdowns more interesting in terms of guitar as well, but this probably wouldn't be too much of a problem with vocals in there. It's a good heavy song, recorded properly it would probably be very good, I'd listen to it well done!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=949005
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ummm no offense but that was really boring lol. um the riff that started on bar 30 was kinda cool i guess haha
the riffs that started at 18 + 30 were really cool i loved it. BMTH styley
ummm no offense but that was really boring lol

wtf does he know hehe vocals would make it great. it would be nice with like a repeated sentence or phrase over the riff at 53, like Emmures 'when keepin it real goes wrong'- wont you be my bride?another day another day another daY another

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Quote by bloodshed344
You don't know what deathcore is do you?

why wouldnt he know what deathcore was just because he found it boring? i found i seriously boring too, plus the breakdown seemed to go on forever. also the timing in the first few riffs were horrible.
Quote by bloodshed344
You don't know what deathcore is do you?

well i lisen to bands like suicide silence, carnifex, animosity, tteotd, winds of plague, impending doom, despised icon, whitechapel and all shall perish, i also have a guitar pro tab on this site for an as blood runs black song...yeah i guess i dont know what deathcore is.....
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Well the timing is bad, but this is still alot better song than I have heard from any other deathcore band. It's a boring, bland genre.

haha youre actually the one who doesnt know what deathcore is...LOL