Hi, Im interested in buying a cheap (when I say CHeap, I mean £99 Cheap) Stag Bass With Humbucker Pickups and a 2 Octave fretboard. Im unsure whether to buy it or not or should I go for a £150 Yamaha With the same pickups, 21 Frets but a Thicker Neck?

Thanks for looking

(BTW Im not a complete beginner, This will be my 2nd Electric Bass)
If it's your second, I recommend saving more for something you can hold onto much longer so you don't feel the need to upgrade again soon after purchase
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i started on bass and i had a stagg, the warlock copy thing. it was alrite tbh cant say anything bad for the price.

but personally i like thin necks so id deffinetly look at the yamaha if i were u, just try both out if u can and see what takes ur fancy
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I think I'll save up more and get a much more reliable guitar I can hold on to (as demonikk said)
what's your first bass? it doesnt really seem like an upgrade, being such a cheap bass
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This really isn't a step up at all. Staggs used to be much, much better than what they are now, also. I'd save up and shop around a bit more. If you aren't willing to spend that much, then the beginner basses section of the FAQ will put you in a good direction for that. Or, maybe you should put the money towards a new amp?