Ok, so, I've got the tabs for them, as posted on this site, and they sound spot on. I really love this song, but I have major troubles.

The intro and verse is in a picking style:


When it gets to the "6-8-5-8-5-7-5-8" part, I get pains in my left hand when changing to the 7th using my fourth finger. Is there any way to stop this pain, by playing in an easier way? Because its causing major discomforts and I'm worrying if this will cause any further injuries in the long run. I also get similar pains when playing songs using barre chords as its base.
I would use my middle finger on the 6th fret, my pinky on the 8th, my index finger on the 5th, and my ring on the 7th (just a 1-2-3-4 kinda fretting). That would be the most comfortable way to play it...

Work on some stretches!
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