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Not sure if this has been done. I did do a search, so if it has, my bad.

How many of you guys name your guitars? What are their names? Why? Picture?

This is my new baby. Greg Bennett Avion 6. Not one of the most popular guitars, but she plays amazing. Better than teh Epiphone LP Custom I was looking at getting.

Ive called her "Sally."

How about yours?
got me a double cut LP and i call her mona
Im gonna pistol whip the next guy that says shenanigans !!!!
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i have a ibanez rg2ex1 thats white with a black bevel on it. I named it "Oreo"
awesome name
Ibanez Rg350dx. White, pearl scratch plate.
It goes by multiple aliases. Usually when im restringing it it's "B******"
But when i'm playing it's usually Snezzy
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My Dean ML is called Bruce.... ' Nuff Said...
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There was a thread on this, i remember, but i guess its lost now....

My guitar name?

*Ponders over this for the next 4 days*
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The ones I currently own, they're all named after my mother (Sheila). My Falcon will be called Fiona.

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They are all named in my signature.

Kodiak is my new baby
Well my LP jr is "the xorcist"
My dean is "Vincent Vandetta"

I can't remember the other names
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you sir win this thread.
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Didn't search that hard did you

My guitars don't have names; I'd have to think of a different name for each of them and that's just too much like hard work.

Names only really have a purpose if you're going to refer to them by that name with other people anyway and other people don't tend to take an interest in my guitars.
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I don't think I've properly been introduced to my guitar yet. I'd probably call her Clarisse.
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My BC Rich was my first 7stringer so it quickly got the nickname "The 7" or in danish "7'eren"

My Schecter Jeff Loomis is just called "Loomis"

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if i call my squier anything its usually "piece of ****"

I call my squier affinity "Accident"/"Unwanted"
My Les Paul is named Gary and refered that way. Some people sometimes ask me: Who's Gary? when I talk about him.
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I was thinking of calling it Angus, or Katie. I dunno, but when I have kids, that's what I'm gonna call them, so I thought if I become sterile, I might aswell have a guitar like that.

I'll call my Les Paul Angus and my Strat Katie then.
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strat - virgin mary, because i'm god to her and no one but me has been inside her.
acoustic - lucy, the daughter of the devil.

guitars must be girl's names.
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My Strat is called "Isabella"
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My Ibanez GAX70 is called "The old one" and my ESP LTD is called "The good one"
I've got 1 guitar that has a name. I call it 2 hours because it took me 2 hours to make including winding the pickups. I cut the body from raw lumber, routed it, ran a sraper over it and sealed it with shellac. That took about 20 min. The fretboard took and neck to me 40min to get cut carved slotted, sealed and whatever, and after letting everything dry for a week I wound pickups and slapped it all together which took another hr.

I've got lots of other guitars but none of them have names.
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I named my Les Paul, Leslie.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


My Ibanez and Vintage are called RG and SG, imaginatively.

My old black LP copy is called Plank Of Crap.
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Ibanez GRG170DX - Molly ---> so that when I'm rocking out, I'm flogging Molly, huh huh huh.

Ibanez PGM301 - Ashleigh ---> Named after one of my best friends, she's awesome.

Fender Telecaster - Kimberley ----> Also named after one of my best friends.

Tanglewood Acoustic - Sally ---> Because when I finish playing, I must hang Sally. I'm so witty.

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My Les Paul, I call her Melissa. And my S470, I call her Sharon, after my grandmother.

My Rig ;D
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