These are these are the only two decent amps available where i live. The G-Dec is more expensive but seems really good. However, the backing tracks and other stuff may be useless. I'm getting which ever amp i choose and a MIM strat for my birthday. I want to be able to play all types of stuff on it.

What are you thoughts on these amps?
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Well I have the cube 15 which is pretty much the 30 cept the 30 has more effects and more watts. Its a really good amp and I play all kinds of stuff on it. No experience with the other one but I'd say if ur getting the 30 its a good bargain.
i'd choose the Cube if you won't use the GDec's other features.
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Well, the other features sound/look cool and i'd probably use them alot, but i'd like to hear from anyone who experience with a g dec and whether it's worth the cash. My older brother has the cube and he likes it, but also thinks the g dec could be good
Cort AD-850 NS
MIM Strat
Cube 30x
I have a GDEC and it is OK. Probably won't do metal as well as the Cube but I've never played a Cube. The tuner and tracks are cool if you need them. They are well built but I don't know if they are worth the money. I have one clip of it in profile called: amp3. Sadistic_Sponge has one too and really likes his but I don't know if he has any clips.

Are you strictly down to these two amps? Do you have a budget?
I have the G-DEC, and the knob to change to other presets is all messed up. It skips around and it can get pretty frustrating. My friends' G-DEC's knob is messed up as well. You probably can't do metal with the G-DEC. I like that there is a built-in tuner. I also like that it has a setting that makes your electric guitar sound like an acoustic guitar. The G-DEC will not be as loud as the cube, because it is 15 watts and has an 8" speaker.

I've never played a cube.

I would say: get the cube, and when you have the money, get a multi-effects pedal.
Quote by ewsrocks

I've never played a cube.

I would say: get the cube, and when you have the money, get a multi-effects pedal.

Probably wouldn't need an effects pedal with the Cube 30. Try them side by side and see what you think tho. The cubes are reliable little amps.
I have the same problem with my gdec dial. You have to turn it REAL slow or it skips all over.

I would get the cube too based soley on recommendations on UG. I don't know about the pedal part.

Ewsrocks-i got your gdec settings via email...tnx. I'm on blackberry now but will check it out later
Yea, i've heard that the G decs aren't too reliable. Basically I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, so they're are very few good music stores. The only two amps that i've found that are semi decent are those. Shipping isn't an option because of dodgy customs and taxes. Btw, I'm won't be playing a ton of metal, so it isn't a priority for me. I would like to play John Mayer sorta stuff, but also other kinds.

What seemed good about the g dec was drums (I have bad timing and hate the sound of a metronome) and the fact that you can save your settings. Also, i will mainly be playing in my bedroom so i don't need lots of watts.
Cort AD-850 NS
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On the G-DEC the drums are cool, and a metronome is one of the drum beats.

You can record yourself playing guitar a little bit (way less than it should) and it will loop it over and over. You can then solo over that. I've found myself soloing for hours over some basic 3-chord loop.

If you're rreeaallyyyy careful with it, than the knob might not get messed up, but just know that it is common, and has a good chance of happening, but I don't think it happened in less than a year. If you just play in your room, and never move it, hopefully this never becomes a problem.

I've never played a cube before, but on UG it is probably the most recommended low-watt SS amp along with the Vox ADs.

If you end up getting the G-DEC, make sure you PM me your e-mail address, because I have a 9-page excel sheet that has a ton of presets you can store in.

Edit: There are 50 factory presets, and room for 50 user presets.
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I will only add that if you are more in to John Mayer and have limited amps to choose from then this may be worth a second look. Some of the features that ewsrocks listed are helpful. There are a ton of Blues oriented settings on here, more then metal settings.

You can also move the order around and change the setting name so I moved all of my favorites down to the top 10 preset slots so I DO NOT have to scroll thru a bunch of stuff to get to what I need. The MIDI ports could be helpful too but I never got around to that.

Peavey Vypyr may also be worth a look but I don't know if they are available where you are at.
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Yeah, i think there are some peavey amps, but i'm not sure which ones i should look at. Which amp has the best tone? I heard the cube is better
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where again?

can you browse their amps via web site?

Peavey makes tons of different amps. Best tone is subjective. What do you want most?

5150/6505 series is tried and true metal that can be found used
XXX and JSX and Ultra are more modern based metal machines
Classic 30 is great for blues, rock, and some metal (used starting at $500)
Valveking is a lower end budget amp that can do blues to metal (not metalcore)
Bandits and Transtubes are earlier hybrid amps that some people love
Vypyrs are new hybrids and really are not out there that much yet and are based on Transtube.


So it really depends on what you play most, what the store has, and whether or not you can go use. Along with total budget.
I've checked out the Vypyr online and it looks really good. However, because it's new it might not be at any shops here. But i can wait and see if it comes here. Oh, and not many guitar shops here have websites...and if they do, they are out of date and inaccurate.
Cort AD-850 NS
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Cube 30x

i would visit the Only Peavey Vypyr thread or whatever it is called - it is not too far back.

Edit: you said you play 'a ton of metal but also John Mayor' right? See if your store can get Peavey Vypyrs, Roland Cubes as mentiond, Randalls, Crate V alves, Valvekings, 5150s, or other used gear.