I have only one question for you: the tiny terror doesn't have any effets loop, so can I put reverb and delay after it, befor the cab, for a possibility of echoed sounds that don't get distorted together in mud?
This is just a guess, but if the impedance of the cab and pedals is equal to one of the outputs on the amp it should work... but I dont know how loud the output of the pedals can get since they dont have as higher wattage as the amp
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If you do that your pedal/multi-effect will fry cause there's no resistance between the head and the cab.
One way of doing it is to use an attenuator with a line out, but then you would require a separate power amp to bring the signal back up to speaker level.

What i'm planning on doing is getting a seymour duncan Twin tube classic pedal and putting the reverb + delay between that and the tiny terror.

There is also a fx loop mod for the tiny terror somewhere, which you may want to look into.
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