Hellraiser is cheaper. I play mostly metal, metalcore, whatever you wanna call it. Mostly Drop C.

Only differences I found was the hellraiser has 81/89 pickups while the esp has 81/85.



I've not had a chance to play the schecter, but my drummer's brother had a very similar ESP, and it was really good if you like metal or shreding. Not personally my thing, but he worshiped the thing and I can really see why. Very fast, great sound.
ESP has a thinner, better neck for fast/shred stuff.

Other than that, not much difference other than cosmetics and personal brand touches.

Not sure on the difference of build quality between the 2 guitars. Im sure they are easily on par with eachother.

I personally hate schecters, so i would go with the ESP. I like fast necks.
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coming from someone who owned a hellraiser..id take the LTD anyday....i like the necks more...schecters are too big and have too thin a nut
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try both out. They're basically the same thing, but schecters have a smaller rounder neck (which I love the hell outta) and ESPs have a wider thinner neck (which I've come to feel so-so about after playing my Ibanez for so long). Depends on which fits your hands better. Soundwise though, I love my Schecter (although I'm kinda looking at passives for it instead of the EMGs XD...I like passives a bit more).
ltd all the way guitar repair center close by had a mh1000 with the trem and it was tight great
If you play mostly in Drop C, wouldn't the tremolo be somewhat of a pain?

I'd say Schecter, but I've never tried that LTD myself so my opinion's a tad one-sided.
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