Hey guys.
I'm currently playing in DROP C, on my ESP Eclipse.
But when i drop down to C Standard, my B streng ( being tuned to G ), is like... the Action is too low, so it touches the 2nd fret, and it's impossible to make any clean sound.
Anyone tried that?
My strings is 013-017-026w-036w-046w-056w, is that too slim to go down to C standard ?
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No, the strings should be fine, I use 10-46 for Drop C and 9 - whatever for E standard, so the strings should be fine. Bring it to any music store, they'll fix it in a minute.
You answered your own question - the action it too low. Just raise it on the high end side (the thin strings). And no - a .13 set of strings is not too light for True C (standard C).
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