OK I have auditions coming up soon for my colleges traveling worship team. I need some song suggestions of some Christian music. I will be auditioning for electric guitar. I am having trouble thinking of good songs because most of the songs that I can think of just have some fill stuff for electric. I need an entire song, or at least most of one.

Anything from Faith+1
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i know its an audition for a christian band but is it essential to play a christian song.
if you know a song that is just a normal song that you are good at, it might do a better job of showcasing your skills instead of a song youve just learned
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Or if you want to be sure you'll get the spot then this will do the trick!
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Try some Skillet
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If you're just going to play the guitar part then why does it need to be a Christian song?
I think the perfect song would be Jeff Buckley's rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah:



But just wondering, aren't you supposed to play either a Classical or Jazz piece when auditioning for college?
My mates christian, and he played a band called "pillar" or something, and they were kind of like the religious slipknot. I reckon you could get some electric guitar Godly goodness from them

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Anything by faith +1


+500. It's always good to be a praying before you go a playing!
christmas Time - Darkness
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choose any christianxcore band

stuff like kutlass or something.

edit: band name
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relient K?

both are "christian rock" bands, yet i doubt either have "worship" songs...
Traveling worship team - sounds like a blast.

You'll Never Walk Alone
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Traveling worship team - sounds like a blast.

I found the tour van:

But really TS, just play something like Amnesty Is Granted - Meatloaf.