Alright, sorry for having to ask, but I was just worried about something...

When I got my ESP SV, it was set up in Drop C, which I kept it in for several months. But just last night, I put it in Standard. It has .11's on it, uses an OFR, and is neck-thru in design.

Should I be worried? The bridge is perfectly balanced and everything, but I just wanted to double check.
well if they are the same size strings, but with more tension, i would think there may be a truss rod adjustment. i am not a fr expert by any means though.
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tuning .11 gauge strings in E is just nasty.

do yourself a favor and drop some 10's or 9's in there.

Or better yet get slinky hybrids. chunkier E-A-D strings and lighter G-B-E strings.
You're gonna have to adjust the springs in the back a little for the OFR.
Maybe a slight truss rod tweak.
To answer your questions. No, it won't warp your neck and you shouldn't be worried.
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