I'm an acoustic guitar player (yeah, so?XD)
Thing is, I hear this really fast strumming mixed with muting. And I just can't figure out how to do that. I can do it when the dead notes are separated from the open notes but when they're closed in...
y'know, like, Coheed and Cambria?


Is there some special way of learning fast mute switching to a open chord?
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Hey! I dunno much about techniques and stuff, but that could either be a click or you may just have to mute the strings being strummed. I dunno for sure if it's called a click though. I heard it while watching this video:


Hope it helped!
Those aren't palm mutes, those are left hand mutes.

Just raise your fingers up so that they're not fretting the strings but they are still touching them.
Yeah just raise your left hand (or right) slightly so instead of c reating a note you just get a clicky sort of noise and just do that rhythmically to make the right sound - it's used in ska quite a lot.
Or you might be thinking of alternate palm muting, which is basically just alternate picking with your palm pressed on the strings.
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Nuu ... I got muting down to a pat.

But I can't seem to do what Claudio from Coheed and Cambria does.
Heck, I can't seem to do what any acoustic muter (rofl) does.

Does this require timing or should my strumming hand be close to strings or something?
The tab you're quoting is full muting; it's a simple matter of hitting the chords as usual (not muted at all), then taking your fingers off the neck but still in contact with the strings for the mutes.

Maybe it's an issue with your gear? Hell if I know, I barely play acoustic.