I know this thread has been done, but the other guy asked it was alright to use for more distortion. Anyways, I tried the amplug classic into my fender fm 65 and got a great blues tone, closest ive gotten ever gotten to srv. If I find a way to keep the damn thing plugged in securely is it alright to use live? This is the first time I was somehow able to get that slight breakup tone through a solid state. Think sort of like the rhythm to mary janes last dance by petty, that small but noticeable breakup.
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if it sounds ok, why not?
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just make sure u can eq it cause its WAYYY different frequencies in a headphone than on an amp....and btw they sound AWESOME with headphones

yeahh ive already plugged it into my amp, sounds legit, just gotta figure out how im gonna get a cord long and get this damn thing to stay it...and yes it sounds great in headphones, thats why i thought of this
'I love her, but I love to fish...I'm gonna miss her"
Get a true bypass on/off pedal and just plug it into that. That way it'll hold pefectly well and you won't lose any tone or anything. They are cheap as hell to buy too.

That's what I just thought of.
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I'm confused by using the bypass pedal, are you saying to plug it into that then plug my guitar into the line in part of amplug? I'm obvi confused haha, I've beent thinkin bout this, how about maybe getting a long adapter cord thatll go from my guitar to the amplug...then plugging the amplug into a pedal right next to it....this way i can juust tape the amplug to my pedal board, I obvi lose control of the gain on my amplug for in song use but no chances of fallin out
'I love her, but I love to fish...I'm gonna miss her"
This actually sounds like a good idea.

Would it work with other headphone/mini amps (Like the Marshall MS-2?)
It should I just use the headphone part as the line out to the amp, and by adding gain only on the amplug it pushes my solid state amp on clean channel into a tube driven break up...blessing for me who cant afford a nice tube amp for now, but loves when you dig in and get that overdrive, but can play soft and get nice cleans
'I love her, but I love to fish...I'm gonna miss her"
Personally, I'd just keep the Amplug in the guitar, and run a 3.5mm to 1/4" cable to my pedalboard or amp. That way you always have control over the gain and volume from your guitar. Otherwise, you'll need to be able to bypass it using an external pedal or switchbox to get a clean tone again. On second thought, given the limited battery life, you may want to be able to completely bypass the pedal in case the batteries die.