i got a Tascam 428-usb (i think that's the model) interface. but i use it with my mic'd amp and record with Garageband.
but i was wondering how i can bypass my amp and just go directly into my computer.
also, does the tascam need a powered usb input? cuz when i listen on my headphones (sennheiser something-or-other monitors) it sounds like crap, and its kind of delayed. like when i play a chord it comes thru about 1/4 second later. and does the length of the usb cable make a difference?
i also have a Mesa V-twin pre-amp floor pedal if that makes any difference to the signal chain.

thanks for the help
you buy a lead that, normal guitar jack into your guitar, then you either get the other end sized for a jack into a pc port, or get a normal gutiar cable, then ike an adapter that is plugs into, which then the adapter plugs into the pc.
If you dont mind spending a little bit of money then u can buy this cable which has one side usb and the other side a normal guitar jack. or u could buy the line6 toneport ux1, or podXT. they are great solutions for recording guitars easily.
oh, its the tascam US-428
so with those podxt and toneport things, all i need to do is plug my guitar into the computer?

edit: i just took a look at those and i think they're pretty much the same thing as the tascam. interfaces with more or less bells and whistles.
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The 428 is an interface/control surface which is a very nice thing to have IMO however I see it doesnt have any instrument inputs. This that case I would suggest you get another interface such as a Toneport from line6 which will allow you to DI your instrument into it. Gearbox comes with the Toneports which will model amps and FX.

Be aware that modeled amps never sound great....

Also for that latency, check your buffers and lower them. Dont lower them too much or you'll get crackling and pops.
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Quote by sethp
oh, its the tascam US-428
so with those podxt and toneport things, all i need to do is plug my guitar into the computer?

Yeah. Well with the toneport and podxt all u do is connect the device into your computer (USB) and then plug your guitar into the toneport or podxt and then open a program called gearbox which has all your tones and everything on it. and you can choose which tone u want and you can change the settings and everything.. its pretty useful if u ask me..

if u click on my profile u can listen to my mp3's, they were all recorded using toneport and garageband. Pretty decent sound.