It may sound a little bit noobish but...

I learnt and play the scales (pentatonic for now), and now what? How do I use them to improvise / compose stuff? just play random notes using the scale pattern somewhere on the guitar neck?

I've been looking at almost all lessons in this site but they are either too simple or to complicated for me.

I hope someone understands what i'm trying to say!
I do not know what kind of music you are into, but if blues guitar interests you at all, there is a video on youtube that is really good for what you are talking about. type 5 essential blues boxes into youtube and there is a video that gives an overview of the blues scales and then has 5 seperate videos for each scale that devels further into what you can do inside those scales and how to start, end, go from scale to scale, basically the pratical application for the scales, it helped me a lot, it sounds like it would help you too.