Hey everyone..I need to buy a new webcam to record my vids in great quality..so I can put them on Youtube..and I was looking at the more high-end ones like the Logitech 9000 Pro..So my question is as follows?Is it worth spending like 90 euros on a webcam or get a more mid-range one so I can buy solid audio recording equip..which leads to my other question..which audio recording equip should I buy so it would fit with the video and make a solid final product out of it?:P
Well a high end webcam would work fair but if you want better sound quality I would get a MiniDV camera and audio interface.

The audio interface records the audio and keeps the quality high while at the same time you are recording to a digital tape using a high end video camera. This means you have to sync the two later in editing but its a quality you simply cant beat when it comes to video production IMO.

A webcam normally has good video but the audio isnt all that great.

My suggestion would be a line6 Toneport or m-audio fast track USB and any type of Digital video camera that has MiniDV tapes. Sony has the Handycam line which is what I use.

This is another video to add to the list. I am currently working on a few videos, one being how to export your video to youtube to keep that great quality but I forgot about what to do when filming to get great quality. This is one I will get out eventually.
Tnx for the advice..Although I don`t wanna spend that much on a cam:/
Cause I want to buy a new guitar soon so I must save some money..I just want to have a beginners equip..With time I would start with something better..but for now..Just something basic..Is the toneport really the only good option to get decent audio..cause it costs 200,300 euros xD..or is there an alternative..like "direct line in" like you said in your video..but the sound would probably be crap with my sound card:P
well if you want a lower end setup I would suggest a fairly good webcam. The audio wont be outstanding however it will be clear. Logitech makes great cams.

If you later feel you want better sound you can get an interface like the Toneport and run that along with the webcam. Although sometimes an audio interface may not want to work when a webcam is turned on a running...which is why I suggested the external MiniDV camera in the first place. The downside of the DV is cost though....but you get great video quality.
I prefer the webcam option..cause the cam is abit pricey for my current "saving" budget=)
So is the Logitech 9000 Pro a good choice?Cause Ive been really looking in to it=)
So the audio the best choice would be line6 toneport..I guess I could just record them separately like most of you do it..and then synch them together?
the toneports are not the best, they are good on a tight budget, I think of them as "beginner" or "idea" interfaces due to them being slightly poor in quality.
They dont work on vista so be sure you are running XP

A better product I would get over the toneports would be the PreSonus Inspire 1394 but you need to have a firewire connection on your computer to work with it.

After you get an interface and webcam you should be able to record and capture video at the same time then sync the two in an editing program such as Windows Movie Maker.

cnet has a review on that cam

Ive not used it but it looks good. See if any stores around your area have one setup so you can see the quality for yourself. I trust cnet's reviews though.
So anyway..Ill get the Logitech 9000 today or tomorrow=)...And the guy ad the music instruments store told me to get the M audio Fast track pro..So I ordered it through them..Cause he really recommended it..It costs about 190 Euro..Any ideas on it?
Will it be tough to synch the video/audio?=)
That unit normally sells for $200 USD new
It's a fair interface, its only 1.1 USB so you will have some latency but you should be able to record audio with it as you capture using the webcam for the video part.

At the beginning of a recording clap your hands once one cam so you can use that point to sync the audio and video easily. This is a trick I use all the time for my videos and it works great.
My country is very expensive regarding technology, musical instruments..and such:P
If an item is 200 $ in the USA, its 200 Euro here
And thx for the tip!
My country is very expensive regarding technology, musical instruments..and such:P
If an item is 200 $ in the USA, its 200 Euro here
And thx for the tip!