I started teaching myself acoustic guiar a few years ago so i'm not new to guitar but recently ive decided i'd like to start playing electric. I should be getting an old pacifica of a friend for about £100 and i was hoping some people could recoment some good songs to start of learning.

My main concern at the moment in increasing stamina and fluency on the guitar so if anyone could recoment a song that isnt amazingly hard but will offer me a challenge other than just seperate chords i'd be really greatfull.

I've also got marshall mg series 15 watt, bet your jealous....
What songs do you like? You should maybe try them, that would be a good idea.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
You have a marshall amp???? lucky........

But just look at what kind of music you like to play, find ones that sound easier, and learn to play it...... either by ear or tabs/videos etc.
Yeah, just search for the TAbs of songs you like on the main section of this site. That's how i learnt from scratch.
jealous of a marshall... MG?? never

as for a song for endurance, try master of puppets. cheers have fun!
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