Well my dad said my music is the devil and he told me to read my bible wtf... he also said its racist.....

Well I could destroy his ignorant thoughts...

But I need to ask do any of you know of any racism or devil in hardcore not sub genres... sorry if this not a clear question
Perhaps your father has decided that secular music must be dissing his religion and is one of those silly people who call anything racism?
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Is your father Fred Phelps?
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It's threads like these that make me glad that I have a dad who's a Christian and appreciates good music (in fact, I doubt he's ever owned a religious album...)

Some people are closed-minded, you can't really do anything about it. It sucks, I know. Antagonizing him won't really help, though.
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Its lame.
Hardcore is extremely Satanic and racist. Seriously TS, get out your bible.
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Turn on some kickass Opeth, and lol at him when he calls it satanist music! GOGOGO
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Sorry to break this to you, but you "hardcore" fans don't HAVE mosh pits.
You have epileptic line dancing.

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Just ignore him. Fighting will only make him misuse his authority over you (sounds like the kind of guy who would, anyway) so just diss it all as the nonsense it is and you'll probably be fine. Prove to him that you are the same kid you always were and music isn't turning you into a rebel or devil worshipper or racist or whatever.
Don't be ridiculous.
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