okay. i am not a noob. but this question is noobish. really sorry.

okay heres the scenario:
i just got my fender strat strung up with .10s and was just set up by a professional.
.10s is my normal gauge and this guitar i just got from a trade came with .09s which i didnt like so i sent if for a set up.

now the guitar is back, everything looks good. but one problem: the 1st string (e string) is SO DAMN HARD TO BEND. the amount of effort needed for me to do a full bend on my other guitar also strung up with .10s can even get me to a half bend on the strat.

i need to use so much strength to get a full bend(sort of). and doing that while playing is wel, impossible because it will slip from my fingers if i bend it so hard. it baffles me. because, the G and B strings are alright, but still a little hard to bend.

well, sigh. the problem definitely doesnt lie with me i'm sure. i might not have the strongest of fingers but i assure u that string is REALLY hard to bend. have u guys any.. any idea on what on earth is the problem?

thanks in advance
I would double check the gauge of the e string to be sure that they you didn't swap a few of the thinner ones around.
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no no u ppl dont get it. theres something wrong. its really IMPOSSIBLE to bend and i'm not exeggerating. i've tried 13s before and i swear its harder than bending 13s.

ppl tell me just use all ur strength to bend and get used to it. but.. hey those are freaking 10s man... what the hell is wrong with them using all ur strength to do just a full bend with 10s is not normal.

thats what i'm trying to solve. not on how to make my fingers stronger
Quote by the_guitar
maybe the professional fuc ked ur guitar up

yeah i'm going to call him tmr.. his phone is off now. damn and it was so damn expensive.

for the first time, i have absolutely no idea of what the problem is man..
Has the action at the low E end of your guitar been adjusted? That could have something to do with it... other than that, unless the wrong gauge string was installed, I don't know... sorry.
Sounds like when I put a G string in the high E position.
Just call and see what he says....
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