Hi, Why is it that being in my fortys means that I can not find others to join or form a band with.
Do others stop playing on a certain day in there lives, am I the only Guitarist / Singer who still wants to keep on playing ?
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to report this so that it get's moved.
This place is for talking about Blues and Jazz rather than recruiting band members, if you wanna talk, go ahead but this isn't the correct place and you will get far fewer people viewing this in here.

Thanks but as you say we live far apart, I should have said that I live in Conwy. I do play once a week at TAPE recording stuidos, but I would love to play more live work.
regards TonyBlue
God I'v tried but all the replys I get are not interested once they find out my age, I'v even put my age and got no replys
Well unfortunatly I live in Cardiff, or I'd be happy to come up and jam.

There shouldn't be anything wrong with age, I'm 16 and to be honest, someone to jam with is someone to jam with.
I'm guessing that people who approached you were either around 16-17, or younger than 30?
true, it was OK with me, but not them, and there was some music problems, like punk rock,
but still I hope
Wales is a lovely place to live with lovely people would would welcome people from Burnley, Or you could even come here for a holiday and we could jam together, just think, if musicians are rare here, you could be our king.
Quote by tony@teaves5.or
you could be our king.

I'm packing a bag as we speak!

Besides, I could do with a holiday because my kids have just gone back to school after 5 weeks summer break.
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