that was sweet!and i;m hard to impress.Very nice old school classic type bass line some nice hendrix like licks all melded together with a pshchedelic electronica vibe.Awesome.The bass line just rides over top of that so smoothly.Nice breakdown with the synth in the middle.You got something really unique going on here.Very interesting and almost intoxicating.Tasty outside the box and effective.Great job!
Crit smoke the sky short sample if you would(the thread a couple or a few rows down)
Yeah I am a bit crazy so that makes sense! Thanks for listening. I enjoyed your tune as well.
Thanks for the crit. Sweet tune..I liked the blend of synth and real instuments.. again [like most of your songs] you have a great vibe you can get lost in. Cool, spacey, funky and chill out [good combo] The production is great and so is your playing.. loving the little flurrying leads..nice bass line. Good work, nothing negative to say about it.
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Synth and real instruments seems to be a mix that I'm really getting into these days. Fun stuff!
I liked the guitar parts. The melody of the synth(?) reminds me of a band I really like here in Thailand. Nice blend of real instruments and synth. If I had a bar chill -out style, I'd definitely play this song.

It would really be nice if there was more of a melody in the part after the guitar part in the beginning. Your sound is spacey (universe, galaxy kind of a way), I would try putting some effects on the guitar part i.e. Flanger or phaser. It could make a difference. just my humble input.

Overall great song.


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Really nicely recorded and mixed! Sounds really good. If thats you on drums I'm even more impressed! Thanks for checking mine out.