Firstly, yes I have used the searchbar (i thought an apparent computer thread would be more appropriate but there wasn't one) and I have been on Google for almost 4 hours now. My question to all of you with band myspaces is how did you customise them to make them your own? I briefly figured out how to put in a clear background and everything, but I think I severely need a tutorial because I'm sick of my band's page being so plain, so basically, any possible advice one could give me would be much appreciated. I'm not very familar with HTML code but I can sort of interpret it.

Thanks in advance. The link is www.myspace.com/yourethereal (not intented to promote but rather give an indication of what I need to do). Thanks again.
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Search "Free Myspace Layouts" on Google, and find one which looks cool. Or go on http://www.mygen.co.uk/ I think that's the address, and you can design it yourself.
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