Hi there all!

I'm pretty new at recording, and all my attempts have been fairly awful using a cheap dynamic mic and Audacity, but now I'm starting to get the feel of things and am learning lots more.

My question to you wonderful people is that of the thread title. I am planning to buy this microphone, as i have heard many good things about it.


I know that it will need 48v of phantom power so I will also need this, or something similar.


I have two microphone stands and can get access to any combination of 1/4 inch jack/XLR cables (jack to jack, XLR to XLR, jack to XLR)

So condenser mic, preamp, stands, cables. is there anything else vital that I need? If it helps, I am planning to record electro/acoustic guitar, electro/acoustic ukulele and vocals.

Thanking you in advance

Quote by Stud_Muffin
So condenser mic, preamp, stands, cables. is there anything else vital that I need?

Good software? I don't think it comes with that interface.
Go with Reaper, it's not free but reasonably priced and a great one to start on IMO although it takes some time to learn.

As for the mic and interface you should be set on that. Simply use XLR cables to connect between the hardware.

You also may want good headphones
or if you are mixing full songs, you will want studio monitors
You should also check into Cakewalk Music Creator. It's a steal for $40.
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