what do you think about this gear!? [url="http://www.amazon.com/ here[/URL"]

product review:
This Complete package includes the SX EG1 guitar - Features of the guitar are:EG1 Guitar: Perfect for many musical styles including rock, jazz, blues and Christian Dual cutaway solid Alder body allows access to the highest frets Die Chrome Tuners The body is contoured for hours of comfortable play Three single coil pickups, one volume and two tone controls plus a five way pickup selector switch create all of today?s great sounds Vintage fulcrum bridge with six adjustable saddles Truss rod adjustable Maple neck Rosewood fretboard, 22 jumbo frets Amp Features: 10 Watts of power through a specially design 5.5" speaker Master Volume Control Two Band EQ with Bass and Treble controls Headphone jack for quiet practice Weight of amp: 6.5lbs Overall dimentions: 9 3/4" wide x 10 5/8" high x 5" deep Other items: Guitar Tuner to help get your guitar in tune 10' instrument cable to connect your guitar to your amp EB400 Guitar Bag to protect your guitar when your not playing A Guitar Strap and Picks
Looks like a pile of crap to me.

Also, why is it good for rock, blues blah blah CHRISTIAN? Hahahaha
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