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There simply needs to be a thread for this band.
The most over-the-top glam/speed-metal ever created.

They're like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. And I happen to love them

Quote by History from teh Holy Wiki

Nitro was formed in 1987 by singer Jim Gillette and guitarist Michael Angelo Batio in Hollywood, California. They recruited bassist T.J. Racer, drummer Vinnie Saint James, and keyboardist Kevin Jachetta, and under Gillette's name released their first album, Proud to Be Loud. After it was released, James and Jachetta left the band, which was now known as Nitro. The band recruited a new drummer in ex-Vinnie Vincent Invasion Bobby Rock. They also landed a recording contract with Rampage (Rhino) after their first show, where Gillette reportedly shattered 3 wine glasses with his voice. The band recorded O.F.R. and released it in 1989, after which Rock left to join Nelson, and was replaced by K.C. Comet, who appeared in the band's first two music videos, for the songs "Freight Train" and "Long Way From Home". Comet stayed with the band until the end of the O.F.R. tour.

Racer and Comet then left and were replaced by Ralph Carter and Johnny Thunder respectively. In 1991, Nitro released what turned out to be their final studio album, Nitro II: H.W.D.W.S., and shot a video for their cover of Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever". The band broke up in 1992, after which Gillette married Lita Ford and Batio started a solo career.

In 1999, Batio and Gillette released a collection of old Nitro demos on a compilation album entitled Gunnin' for Glory, which featured drummer Paul Cammarata, as well as three songs by The Michael Angelo Band recorded before the formation of Nitro.

So, 80's Rock, Shred & Progressive, what are your thoughts about these guys?
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I must say when the quad guitar descended from the explosion during Freight Train my head nearly exploded.
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Not technically Nitro, but Gillette's 'solo' album from '87 rocks SO hard – you can't beat 'Angel In White' for that arena rockin' sound!
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i think the singer was on mythbusters, trying to help them break glass with his voice
i'm like 95% sure it was him
it was the first time i'd heard of them
they showed a bit of one of their videos, from what i could hear, they kinda sucked, but the sound quality wasn't very good, and they were talking over the video.


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