I am looking for suggestions to help me practice my finger picking. Looking for some nice easy mello songs that still sound real nice. Nothing overly fast lie "dust in the wind" or anything. I am learning stairway to heaven but would like a few more to excite me
some slow john martyn stuff
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You might try some of Opeth's mellow songs. "Benighted" by Opeth is a great one if you're just starting out.
i say classical gas i used to only use a pick and then i got into other style and that one song made it a lot easier. if you are not a very good guitarist i can give you a simpler version of it to bagin with.(makes it even easier to learn) and still alot of fun!
sned a message to my profile if you wantany of the tabs i have got. there is two versions. one of them is ten times better than anything you will find on the interent, all original. and the other is just quick easy and fun.
Classical Gas is definitely a good test of finger picking skill, as in Satriani's Tears In The Rain. Both may be a little much if you're only starting to learn, but if you're looking for a bit of a challenge I say go for it.
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