Hey everybody after deliberating on what to record i decided to record a cover of Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers Free Fallin' on keys bass and vocals. Now its not a master piece by any means. The timing sucks and some of the vocal parts sound a little "weird" . netherless I think its pretty good for a first cover and I would apprieciate some feedback.


edit: it's in my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/frostfire100/
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Very nice cover however I like the chorus bit of that song the best, some more energy at those points is what makes the song IMO.
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Hey man thanks for the kind words, i have a real soft spot for this song, both performed by tom and most recently john mayer, but you're not gonna really do it any justice by not experimenting with your range more. its definitely a tough song to sing, it would seem you're either towards the middle or low end of your range, even if you're not going that whole octave up like tom, adjust the vocal line to suit your style maybe? The exciting thing about the petty version being his high notes, show us how high you can go, would love to see how it goes, there's no doubt you've got a good grasp of pitch with your voice, and the notes you hit you hit them well, just gotta push it further now.
yeah unless you go up an octave for the chorus you're not quite singing the song your verses are great... but the PAYOFF for sitting through the verse is that explosive, anthemic, hell of a chorus. that's what makes it fun to listen to... versus a monotone spoken word poem to some keys
This is good but you need to work on your vocals not being so monotone and the chorus needs to be higher like everyone says. If you play electric guitar it would probably sound better if you played the guitar chords at least over the chorus. This is an excellent first cover. 8/10 for a first time.
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