just bought a kh 602. be here in a few days. anybody else got one. wat the hell is the differennce between the kh 602 and the kh 2 besides the esp logo
I suppose you are talking about the KH202 vs. the KH602 (your future axe!)

quite simple, the KH202 comes equipped with EMG-hz 'pups (passive), the KH602 has active EMG's
gratz with the purchase! remember to upload some pics when you get it

EDIT: took a second look on the ESP website and realized that it was the KH-2 you ment! (sorry, my bad!)

Well, the KH-2 has a bolt-on neck where the KH602 is a neckthrough but besides that the difference is minimal! One kickass axe anyway!

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i have the 202 and the 502, and the kh2 is made in amedyca.
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yeah well the kh 2 comes in a neck through also. i looked at the specs between them but the kh 2 is a $1000 more. i could be wrong but i believe the 602 is a way better deal. same stuff but only $1100 shipped
KH-2 is made in Japan, has a bolt on neck, and Gotoh tuners. KH-602 is made in Korea, has neck-thru-body, and ESP tuners. Aside from the slight difference in build quality, they're virtually the same.
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son of a b***h..... backordered. said available when i ordered. 8 hours later its on backorder. ahhhh
Kh-2 is hand crafted in Japan. kh-602 is made in a production line in Korea. But that doesn't make it bad.
The ESP has a non finished neck, as it's bolt on. The LTD has a set neck.
The LTD is a bit more round shaped as well from what I can remember.
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