Okay, so I have a Squier Strat and I was wondering if there are any easy mods that I can do to make the tone/sustain/anything else better.

i recommend replacing all the electronics first: pots, switch, pickups. and then replace the tuners and the tremelo system.
Of the whole guitar, the pickups are the biggest problem. Not saying you should put EMGs in there. Even just better single coils will help. Everything else is up to you.
The question is whether your better to spend money on it or save up money and buy a better guitar, which i would prefer to do personally
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Can I have a few examples of good pickups that sound good in a strat? I don't play metal, so i don't need anything that is made to play "TeH bRoOtAlZ"

Also, what do you think of sanding the paint off of the neck cavity (where the neck meets the body)? I think its supposed to make the overall tone better or something.
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The question is whether your better to spend money on it or save up money and buy a better guitar, which i would prefer to do personally

I want to know if there are cheap mods that I can do to the Squier. I don't plan on putting a lot of money into a Squier.
A really good, fairly cheap mod (providing you know someone who can file nuts down and whatever) is a graph tech nut+string tree replacement

Helps tremolo action, improves tone, sustain you name it.

In total I think it's about 20 bucks for the nut and trees

not sure how much for the setup and whatever though
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Pickups are always a nice upgrade ewsrocks. Especially if you like your guitar. I put a Duncan TB-11 in mine and it provides a nice 'hotter' sound for a passive pickup that will sustain longer then your stockys.

Some people like to replace the tuners, some people like to replace the bridge. Not sure about the sanding part for better sustain. A new nut is always a great upgrade too.

It really depends on what you want out of it and how much you have to spend. Also, hang out over in Guitar Building and Customizing forum 'cause there are tons of Strat/Squier mods going on.

any kind of sanding is gonna be tough. i would suggest using a heat gun and a scraper. i know from experience those things are packed with wood filler.
well... i have a modded strat right now that im still working on. i actually cut out a square hole to fit a humbucker in the bridge position on the pickguard and i plays like a charm now. id say fix the pickups first. cause it sounds so much better with new pickups in it. or at least better ones. and the body on my squire (affinity series, idk if all squires are like this or just affinity series ones) is routed to support a HSH configuration. so there is a lot of ways you could go about fixing the sound or customizing it to what you want. after the pickups are in id probably look to get the tuners replaced and/or all of the pots and such replaced. depending on what you can afford or what is bothering you the most!
Sanding the paint in the neck pocket will not do anything except perhaps cause your neck to no longer fit snugly.

If you want improve tone, get a better amp. I'm thinking if you got a squier, your amp isn't great. However, if it is good, then get new pickups.

If you want less buzz and interference, shield the control cavities and get new electronics.

If you want better sustain, get a better bridge with a bigger block, and get a new nut.

If you want tuning stability, get new tuners and a new nut.

I know everyone else has already said that, well I'm just agreeing. No one has said anything about you amp though.

Really, pickups are for making good tone better, if you have shit tone. either you suck, or your amp does.
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