Ok first time poster, and didn't find anything via search, so hear goes;
Yesterday, I tried to tune my Ibanez GRG 270 and totally forgot that I had a floyd rose, so I tried to tune it at the head, so yeah, my high E snaps
So today I tried to replace it, and somehow I can't seem to get them all in tune, I've tried a gazillion times, but they all go out of tune after I tuned another string :S
Could use some help
As long as it's the same gauge as the one that snapped, it will eventually start to stay in tune.
So pretty much just let it be for a few hours, and then they'll remain in tune?
There also might be something wrong my string retainer or my locking nuts, but nothing I could catch with the naked eye...
Anyway, thanks for the fast answer
Well, I don't know about the mechanical aspect. If it's the same gauge, there is not problem with the strings. There could be something else going wrong. But I would suggest tuning it a few more times and stretching the strings in between,
Hmm, what do you mean with stretching the string? Tuning them higher via the headstock, and then try to tune em back to normal? Again, I really, really appreciate this, thought I could come back home and enjoy some guitar practice...