Okay here's the deal, my band consists of a drummer, a lead guitarist (me) and rhythm guitarist who is one of my best friends. First off, some background info:
the band leaders are me and the other guitarist all changes are explained to one another and we settle on agreements, the drummer joined after finishing his A levels but there are quite a few problems about him:

- he's in college so he isn't really free on the same days as us (we are in 11th grade)
- he has no drum-set so we play in this aprtmant studio place which means we need to find a day where the drumer is free, we are free and the place is free, it doesn't help that the drummer lives quite far away.

the R. guitarist and I want to start recording, it's us who wrote the songs and we meet up about 2-3 times weekly, we've nly ever had 2-3 practics with the drumer.

now the problem: the r. guitarist calls me today and says that while in his garden he "once again" heard someone playing drums in the house next to his neighbours, tomorow we are going to ask the guy i he's interested in joining because he lives so close to us it would make everything easier (btw finding drumers where I live is near to impossible)

we were planning on (if the other drumer want to join) either stop calling the new drumer (it's always ME who calls HIM to arrange a band meeting) and slowly he's going to be faded out or we give the drumer an ultimatum that he wouldn't be able to keep up with (2 band practices per week) and tell him that for the moment we should go our seperate ways.

any advice on what to would be apreciated, I may be thinking TOO much in advance, we still need to meet the other drumer and ask him to join.
well a drummer without a drumkit is about as much use as... a band without a bassist.... yeah... good luck with that.
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i've met this kind of drummer. lose the dead weight, you'll be much better off.
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we have to keep him until we can replace him, it's so hard to find a drumer around here so we need to search alot.
yeah, its always a pain having dead weight that you can't replace. i would probably talk to the current drummer and tell him to get active or quit, and if the other drummer doesnt want in, just ask around for a new one, or see if one of your friends wants to try being a drummer. It would take some work, but its better than nothing
I think you should do whatever makes things the easiest for the band. Obviously, the first drummer, unless he moves somehow, doesnt seem to be able to commit to practicing with your band as often as he needs to. And if the other drummer is good enough to play with you guys, he obviously lives much closer, so probably will be able to practice with you guys. I say try and get the new drummer.
if you're not really good friends with the old guy just drop him and say b/c you guys don't ever match schedules
he might get angry but if he's cool he'll understand and besides if you only knew him b/c he played drums then what's the point of being friends with him after he stops drumming for you guys?

lose him
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but you haven't even jammed with this guy, or heard him play drums first hand, and you want him to be in your band?
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if you're not really good friends with the old guy just drop him and say b/c you guys don't ever match schedules
he might get angry but if he's cool he'll understand and besides if you only knew him b/c he played drums then what's the point of being friends with him after he stops drumming for you guys?

lose him

i knew him before but we're not close friends.
i'd say drop him and practice without a drummer for a while, at least then you can practice more often.
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If I were you I'd lose the dead weight.
It's also important that you give any new members an audition before they join your band. On the grounds that if you invite them in and they're crap they may be hard to get rid of.
Just be honest with him.
Tell him that you are having problems with him not having a kit, not being on the same schedule as the rest of you and with him living so far away and see if there's any way you can improve matters between you.

For all you know, he might be thinking of getting a kit already, that'd be the major problem solved straight off if he is.

As far as schedule is concerned, all most bands really need is for everyone to be available at least once a week at the same time for rehearsals and available most nights and at weekends for gigging, so someone who has a usual 9 to 5 schedule, be it work or education, should be able to manage that.
I can't really see how him being a college student should be a problem.

Distance can always be solved by him getting some form of regular transport organised, whether that's his own car or someone he knows agreeing to give him a regular lift.

If you do investigate this other drummer, it's never a good idea to ask someone to join a band after you've only heard them playing through their bedroom window one day. A prospective member needs proper vetting, he needs to be able to comfortably jam with you and he needs to be someone that you know you can get along with who is also on a similar schedule to the rest of the band. It'd be no good if he worked on a night shift at weekends for example.
Invite the guy to come and jam with you guys and get to know him. Check him out properly before even thinking of asking him if he'd be interested in joining the band.
okay we found a drummer (not the guy from 1st post, he's in a band), I met him in a summer camp, I've known him for a while now and the past 3 years in this camp I've seen him perform, he has stage experience, but I don't think that he is in a band, I've contacted a person who knows the msn of a girl who knows the msn of the drumer, so far I've tracked it up to the drumer's msn, when he logs on I'm gonna get his phone number and call him and hope for the best.
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