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---frida kahlo---

wrapped to the teeth in blankets and bandages
like a limping prizefighter thrown to the savages
marching to the hills of fire and blood
shaking in a flashbulb frenzy
fit for epileptic kings and waxwings

the rape of the martyr's bride
bound and gagged in electrical tape
jarred baby brains swimming in chemical lovestains
mounted above the fireplace
celebrated like x-rays in a trophy case

a teenage girl's atrophied feet
dancing on a needle sea
painted in gangrene
and broken bones trapped in metal cages
her broken bones wrapped in skeletal braces
spinal fluid dripping onto carcinogenic pages
spilling onto adoring museum faces

oh please take me to these execution stages
where chalk-lined singers have been dying for years
to deaf vultures and floors of cut-off ears
oh please take me to these curious places
where the widow barfly melts
in circles of androgynous hell
c'mon! this art won't sell itself

Hello, how was your day?
I thought I'd take this chance to say,
That I don't hate you anymore,
But I don't love you either.

Hello, I'm not bitter anymore,
You and me must have been absurd,
If you could just up and leave,
Without a single word.

Your the miss in misery,
And your playful kiss left me,
Wanting more of what I couldn't ever have.

But you tricked me and you left me all alone on the floor,
I thought that you should know that I don't care anymore,
You were nothing, you are nothing, and nothing you shall stay,
I never truly loved you anyway.

We can go our separate ways,
Walk away confused and dazed,
Wondering how we thought this might work out,
But the only thing I learned was not to fall for you,
It's a long way down,
Quite the fall from heaven.

Did it hurt when you landed, did your halo bump your head?
Are you a fallen angel, or might I have died instead?
You could've fooled me, you could've fooled anybody,
But beneath it all, your still a monster, honey.

I needed some more of your fancy older loving,
My heart fluttered when you told me I had been charming,
But it wasn't enough to keep you around,
I never had enough to keep you around.

Now I guess there's not a chance that we could work this out,
I heard that once before, but till now I had some doubts,
I'm not as clever as I once was, and the well has run dry because,
I used all the good lines on you.

My tongues is getting tired boys,
Let's head in boys,
Cuz I'm not breaking through,
I just gotta get to you,
The message that your perfect.

Today will be a winding road
it will take away all that I own
and ill be left here by myself
it will be a mudsliding slope
and it will leave me without a rope
to catch me if I fell
when the tear drops fade
and the rain starts to fall
know that you have it all
when my heart comes to you

and ill wait for you
no matter how long it takes
and ill stay with you
because i wont let you break
i dont care how long ill stay awake
just to be with you

one day it will be a tossed up stone
and ill sing for you all that i wrote
even though you wont believe me
one day when im dead and gone
and when you've moved along
you wont believe what you see

and when the rain drops fall
and when you think you lost it all
ill be here
and when you want to call
and when you think you lost it all
ill be here
signed sincerely me