Ive noticed it sure looks like digitech desided to up their game.
A lot of these look like they could really be good.
But my guitar center doesnt carry them (yet atleast).
i haven't played any yet but from looking at them and all their features, looks like you could wip up some sick combinations of distortion/od and effects, and if their as good as they claim to be $100 a piece isn't bad(unless you want them all)
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Im especialy digging the "Saturated/Cruch" "Classic/Modified" Switches added to them.
Thats a great idea.
A few people on harmony-central have the delay, all of them loved it. Proguitarshop has demos of the reverb and delay and they sound fantastic, much better than the boss alternatives.
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I'll judge them when I play them. My current opinion on them is one of two options:

1. Digitech decided to make a high-quality line of pedals for relatively cheap, and I should go grab one.


2. Digitech decided to make a low-quality line of pedals that's pretty expensive, and I should mock them for it.

I'll pick 1 or 2 next time I have an opportunity to play them.