well as usual, just messing around, and i made up this riff SORTA....didnt have any song in my head particularly at first , but when i was pretty much done and listenin to it i could swear at least the chug part sounds liek a song ive heard on the radio, maybe a cd, so, if anyone knows what song it SOUNDS Like, wasnt supposed to be a cover of anything, haha...lemme know, might go look it up and give it a whirl, Thanks.

called 2trackstogether cuz i recorded it twice one over the other just for the hell of it....thanks.

srry if this wrong area for this.
well you definitely stumbled upon something very familiar there, by the way ESP's are amazing! i want the Eclipse II but right now i got the ESP LTD F-50 which is pretty nice as well
haha, yea i sold that esp a while ago, have just the jackson right now. I like the esp, but when i got it i was pretty new to playin, think i got it like 1.5yrs ago, sold it 6 months ago or so. Bottom line was more i played, less i liked the neck, just a personal preference, i like slimmer ones, i picked up this jackson and fell in love with the thinner, and the esps felt too thick. Do wanna get another guitar, just right now i dont know what. Anyhow, yea there def is somethin familiar bout that thing, gonna drive me nuts til i figure it out, haha
finally figured it out, haha, rest of song popped into my head, its similar to stupify, but on paper looks a bit diff, anyhow, thanks