I have For Sale a nearly brand new Mesa Boogie 5:50 2x12 Express. Now when I saw almost brand new I mean it...here's the long story. My fiance purchased the amp from Guitar Center on a lawaway plan as a surprise for my Birthday when she overheard me saying something about wanting a Boogie. When she finally got it paid off and took it home, she took it to her parents house where it stayed in an extra bedroom IN THE BOX (this was not a floor model) for about 3 weeks until my Birthday. A Mesa Boogie Express is an amazing birthday gift, however my fiance knows nothing about guitars or amps, and didn't know that the Express doesnt have the amount of gain for the style of music I play (Metal) she just assumed an amp is an amp, and a Mesa is a good one. Anyway, the amp has literally been plugged into and turned about a total of 5 or 6 times, maybe 4 hours on the tubes and that is IT. It is sitting in my room with the Mesa cover on it. I'm using a little Line 6 Modeling amp for now to get the distortion I want. I tried taking it back to Guitar Center, but since she purchased it and then waited to give it to me for my birthday, it went past Guitar Center's 30 day mark, I told them I didnt even want money back, jut store credit, and they refused, what a joke. So I'm selling the amp. My fiance paid $1,430.00 for the amp after tax, and seeing as how it is in such incredible shape and condition, I am asking $1,000.00 for it. This is the rare 2x12 model that Mesa doesnt even have pictured on it website. The amp itself sounds absolutely fantastic, check out the Mesa website for all the info on it, can go from 5 to 50 watts which is one of the coolest things about the amp, will provide a great sound at bedroom volumes, then you can take it to a small gig as is, or it will even run a speaker cabinet. I have the original case, casters, all the original literature, and the foot switch that it comes with. I will accept a Money order or Cashiers check, or Paypal. Please do not contact me asking for trades, or with lowball offers. My E-mail is Garcia.Kit@Gmail.com it is also linked with my phone so I will recieve any questions or offers almost immediately. I can't reduce the file size of the picture enough to get it into this thread, so E-mail me and I will gladly send you a picture! Thanks for looking!!!!
My apologies, I said in the thread I have the original "case" that is meant to be "cover" and I figured I would throw this out there just for kicks, I will take trade an a Mark IV head. But that will be all... THANKS!
I made a photobucket account so I could post the photo, the size of the pictures is large I apologize, if the picture directly in the thread does not work I also included the link to the Photobucket website for viewing, I figured this would cut down on E-mails. The amp has been sitting in this position (only with the cover on it) since I recieved it, it is in perfect condition.

Photobucket Link: http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr44/PrixAlias20/DSC02584.jpg
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