I'd like to start using a new program to record, as the tracks I do with Audacity have the same problems all the time. I'm getting sick of it.

What should I consider?
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well theres plenty of products out there such as Cakewalk, Reaper, and Cubase.

I suggest trying Reaper but if you want to pay a little more for a few more features IMO, Cakewalk is a good choice, (and its a product I use). They make lower end home studio products.

My best advice is to download the 30 day trial software and see which one you enjoy the most, then stick with that one.
cubase, you'll get your monneys worth
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I've used Cakewalk Sonar 6 and I really liked it. Since it's now out of date you should pick it up pretty cheap. I wonder if you could get version 6 somewhere and then upgrade to version 7 thus saving a good bit of cash.....maybe not. I don't think you could go wrong with it. That said though, my experience is limited and I don't know what its downsides are.

Reaper is a good program. Download it and see what you think. There appears to be quite a few people who have switched over from the more expensive programs in favour of Reaper. It's a program that I'll be sticking with in the forseeable future anyway. The below might be of some help.