Thanks for commenting on my song

Really well done vocals, sounds great (altho at times I think your mic quality or something shows as it gets a touch fuzzy - not the singing tho, just the equip)! At the start I was like this sounds like michael jackson :p guitar is chill and compliments the singing nicely.

Overall lyrics are a little generic, standard issue pop if that's what you're going for then it works. It might just be me but the chorus sounds a little awkward... when you sing "baby please believe me" its like trying to cram too many syllables into too short of a space or something?

The girl is a good singer but I wasn't a big fan of the louder harmonizing vocals part (around 3:00?), just didn't feel like it was improving the song.
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I'm going to be honest, it's not my type of music. For what it is though, for what you were going for, it's pretty good. I don't know what happened to your mic/ mixing, but the vocals kept cutting in and out, maybe mic cable?

Criticism aside, I liked your guitar tone better than your other one, "Rida," which was too jangly I think for the type of music you're playing. You have a really good and trained voice, it sounds like, which is an asset I'd say. It reminds me of N'Sync, boy bandish types, take that how you will. Sounds a bit like Michael Jackson like the guy above said

Anyways, good job.