pre 1976 lawsuit Aria Les paul. openbook headstock, new pickups, relic, hardcase

I bought this thing foreverrrrrrrrr ago.

i havent played it in about a year, its a beautiful guitar. made in japan in 1976ish or so. still has the gibson lawsuit headstock, all mop headstock inlay with the official gibson broken diamond inlay. its Aria... not Aria pro ii. Its a bolt on neck (these are the rare ones, much better build quality than the early mass produced set-necks of the era), New ping tuners, New GFS or Dragonfire pickups.. dont remember. bought them last year. No pickguard. Comes with a new hard case by SKB i think. Im not going to post an asking price, the right buyer will give me the right price. these are rare, and the hardcase itself was a bout 80 bucks.

By the way... it is Micro-fretted. The frets are extremely close to the fretboard, the action is set up to play Stanley Jordan type tapping stuff, action is about 1/32'' at the 12th fret, no fretbuzz, no fretting out. sold mahogany body, with a sandwiched piece of maple in between, and a maple cab on both front and back. just rewired, just set up by me

Heres a video of me playing it...

Here is a picture. i will take alot more if someone is serious about buying this and offers me a good price.

its got lacquer checks, its got bruises, its got bumps. its over 30 years old, give it a break. its got a 5 piece quarter sawn maple neck, rosewood bound fretboard. it is a sexy classy reliced guitar.
that's a sick guitar. the best of luck trying to sell it for a good price
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got a model number for that?
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no trades, no model number, no serial number... this was made a good bit before that time. dont bother looking up reviews.. the "aria les paul lawsuit" model is extremely vague as the same guitar lasted only a few months before they changed soemthing on it. by the way, this will come with the original neck ppickup... and dunlop straplocks installed. original strap buttons are in the case i believe.