I've seen threads that have Floyd Roses and other bridges going up beyond normal because of tension, but I dont think this qualifes under those threads.

I got new strings on my guitar today. I went from 9s to 11's. But apparently, either the person who changed my strings either did not adjust the springs on my bridge, or my guitar is just messed up. I've adjusted tension and done anything under the sun.

So, is there a way to fix this by myself, or should I just go back to the shop? I would rather not go back to the store, because they have been freinds with my family for a long time.

If there is a thread that fits this desription, *Perfectly*, I would love to have a link to that thread.

Thank you in advance.

You haven't actually said anything about what the problem is, however 9's-11's is a big jump and you're likely going to have to put at least one more spring in if you want to play in standard tuning. Also, the bridge will be hella stiff with that amount of tension.
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I want to get 11s to use in D standart tuning. If i want to go back to standart with 11s will that make a problem??im using a hardtail now.