I went to a local used music shop today, and they had a Peavery Bandit 112 with "Trans-tube technology" and reverb. It's pretty much in new condition, and he has it at $199.99. I'd get some money off because I'm trading in my old amp. Is this a deal, or would I be getting screwed? I played it, it sounds perfect, and it's loud enough to suit my needs.
Seems a bit expensive for a used practice amp.
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Quote by Kevin Saale
Seems a bit expensive for a used practice amp.

It's not really a practice amp. It's more than loud enough to overpower a drumset, which is what I'm looking for. It's $300 new.
*bump* because I need more opinions and I was looking at possibly buying this amp tomorrow.
Little bit of both. I usually end up going to friend's house and jamming with a drumset and another guitar or piano. I also play in my church's worship band, but it's a very small church so this amp would be quite loud enough. As far as budget goes, this is kinda a stretch, but it seemed like a pretty good price for an amp of it's size, and I spent quite awhile playing through it. It was no Marshall, but it suited me.