so my metal muff with top boost ac connector is busted, not my fault it all looks perfect but when i connect it to my one spot it doesnt work anymore only with battery. stupid me forgot to send the warranty registration so now im stuck with it and it only works with batteries. is it fraud if i buy another metal muff and return the crap one for my money back?
i have no clue if its legal or not, but my friend did it with his laptop. nothing happened.
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Cause there music is heavy.

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If you have to ask, it usually is.

AND, yes it is.
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It's not fraud unless you get caught.

Just like I didn't rape that chick because they didn't find her body.
I did that with a XBox360 at target... my disc drive stopped working to i bought a new one and returned the broken one...


Just don't get caught. Just say it doesn't work when you return it
well yeah thats what i plan on doing, buying a new muff and returning the crap one sayin that the ac doenst work.