Hello everyone.

I've done some shopping around, looking for an amp that can do classic rock, hard rock, blues and the like, and I think I've found what I'm looking for in the Kustom Coupe series.

However, I'd like to know fomr those who have played or owned one, is it worth getting the 72 for the added volume (I will be playing in a four to five piece rock band, doing alot of Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC covers and the like) as well as the tremolo/vibrato?

Also, I hear alot about it running very hot. I don't THINK that's too much of an issue but I've little experience under my belt for tube amps, so I just want to make sure.

Any advice would be appreciated!
The 36 would probably be better for your applications than the 72, because you'd be more able to get power tube breakup which sounds great in things like blues and classic rock.
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Theres many ways to get more volume out of the 36 so the extra watts isnt really needed. I have the 36 with the single 12. The lead channel will do some pretty good metal I use the rhythm channel more for clean. Its easy enough to boost your signal going in or put an EQ in the loop with the level turned up so you can get more volume. And it will get that classic tube overdrive alot easier than the 72 will without going deaf.
There's a guitar repair shop in Los Gatos, CA owned by a guy named Keith Holland, who is also a Kustom dealer. He plays a Kustom 36. He's VERY knowledgeable about them & guitars in general. Here's the link:

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